Meks McClure

Pronouns: they/them/theirs

Detail-oriented full stack software engineer. Passionate collaborator that values diversity and creativity. Let's improve lives with code.



Frontend: LiveView | Phoenix | Alpine.js | TypeScript | HTML | CSS | JavaScript(ES6) | React.js | TailwindCSS

Backend: Elixir | Ruby | Ruby on Rails | Sinatra

Database: SQLite3 | PostgreSQL

Other: OAuth(third-party user authentication) | Git | Github | Pair Programming | Heroku


Witchy Wardrobe

An Object Oriented JS application for users to create clothing items and outfits. I generated item cards asynchronously fetched from a custom Rails API and overwrote the Bootstrap framework defaults to add styling.


Book Nook

A Rails book database for users to create reading lists and review books. I utilized the Google Books API for users to be able to search a robust database of content. Users were authenticated with Github OmniAuth, Bcrypt, sessions and cookies.



St. Cloud, MN, USA


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